Tri Marine Solutions Overview

Tri Marine offers industry best practices, combining expertise, resources and experience in a worldwide network that spans the breadth of the industry.


Tri Marine partners with the world's leading brands. Whether it is end-to-end supply chain managment, logistics or products, Tri Marine has solutions for your brand. Learn More

Processing Plants

Tri Marine is a major supplier of tuna raw material to the tuna industry from the Western and Central Pacific, the Eastern Tropical Pacific, the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Tri Marine supplies tuna raw material to its owned and contract processing plants as well as to independent plants. Learn More

Fishing Boat Owners

Tri Marine is a fishing boat owner and operator who understands the level and quality of service and support needed by boats to maximize efficiency and the financial return on the investment in fishing assets. Tri Marine buys tuna from contract and independent boats for sale on the global market. Learn More


We have specific interest in working cooperatively with governments, scientists, industry associations, NGO's and regulatory authorities to make sure that the world's tuna resources are being properly managed for long term sustainability. Learn More


To get more information about industry-specific solutions, please contact a Tri Marine expert. You can also contact one of our offices worldwide.