Tri Marine Personnel Announcement

Tri Marine Announces Personnel Changes for Offices in Bellevue, Washington and Panama

March 30, 2010

Bellevue Office

Pete Trutanich relocated from Panama to Bellevue. Pete will focus on managing our net exposure to the market globally. This means matching our commitments to supply our customers with our obligations to purchase from our suppliers. He will continue to provide oversight of our business in Latin America.

Juan Gomez Juan Gomez will be joining Tri Marine as Manager of Planning and Control. He will be responsible for developing financial control and commercial risk management systems as well as assisting Pete Trutanich and Steve Farno. Juan is not new to Tri Marine. He was an intern for Tri Marine in Singapore during Aug-Sept of 2007 while he was getting his MBA at Stanford.

Tri Marine Fishing Management has moved from Panama to Bellevue and along with the senior staff.

Thierry Leguennec will continue to manage the operations of our fishing fleets.

Phillip Trutanich, Eufelia and Bernardo Dimaliwat also moved to Bellevue from Panama. They all are assisting Thierry with the management of our entire Fleet.

Panama Office

Jose Rodriguez (Pepe) Jose Rodriguez (Pepe) has joined Tri Marine as General Manager of Tri Marine International, S.A. He takes over this position from Pete Trutanich. Pepe comes to Tri Marine after many years in the tuna industry in Mexico where he worked in senior management positions with the major players , including the last three years at PINSA, the leading tuna company in Mexico. With his background in the banking industry, Pepe brings a remarkable experience, talent and leadership to Tri Marine.

Manuel Zito is now responsible for our finished product business globally.

Juan Manuel Sanchez has transferred to Tri Marine from Seafman. Juan Manuel is responsible for finished product sales to the Latin American market. He reports to Manuel Zito.

Other News

Enzo Mitrovic will now be responsible for training of technicians and enforcement of loin product specifications globally. Also, he will be in charge of establishing new or changed loin production processes and setting initial quality standards for plants producing for us. Tri Marine Org Chart

Background on Tri Marine

Tri Marine is a tuna supply company with focus on supply of tuna and tuna products to the leading brands of tuna. It has offices in 14 countries and processing activities in plants located strategically around the world. Its tuna purse seiners operate in the Western Pacific and the Eastern Tropical Pacific. Tri Marine was formed in Singapore in 1972. Since then the company has grown to be one of the largest tuna supply companies in the world. Tri Marine is privately owned.