Tri Marine International (Pte) Ltd. Successfully Renews Global Trader Program (GTP) Status


SINGAPORE— TriMarine International (Pte) Ltd. has successfully renewed its Global Trader Program (GTP) status for the second time.
Mr. George Yeo, Minister for Trade and Industry
Mr. George Yeo, Minister for Trade and Industry of Singapore, presented TriMarine's Managing Director Mr. Joe Hamby with its renewal certificate during the IE Singapore Awards 2003 Ceremony held at the Singapore Raffles City Convention Centre on August 15, 2003.

The Singapore Government first awarded Global Trader Program status to TriMarine in 1993. Then known as the Approved International Trader (AIT) program, it was administered by the Trade Development Board of Singapore which was part of the Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industries.

This prestigious status is awarded by the Singapore Government to selected major trading companies. The award is thought to recognize the contribution of these companies to the Singapore economy and their global impact on their respective industries. The status carries with it a concessionary tax rate on qualified offshore income, and is awarded on basis of the company's trade turnover, business spending and commitment to the Singapore economy.

GTP status has facilitated reinvestment of earnings and organic growth by TriMarine. It has also been a factor in the Company's ability to attract and retain trade credit from leading trade financing banks. It currently enjoys strong support from Rabobank, Fortis Bank, First Commercial Bank, Chang Hwa Bank, Arab Bank PLC, and IntesaBCI.

Background on Tri Marine

TriMarine is acknowledged as the preeminent supplier of tuna and tuna products to leading tuna brands around the world. The Company's Singapore identity and status as a GTP company enhance its image and the perceived quality of the Company and the services it provides.