Tri Marine Executives to Attend WCPFC3 in Apia, Samoa

Important Annual Meeting will Focus on Fishery Conservation and Management>


The third regular session of the Commission for the Conservation and Management of Highly Migratory Fish Stocks in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean (WCPFC3) will be held in Apia, Samoa from Monday 11 December through Friday 15 December. The venue of the meeting will be the National University of Samoa.

The Commission's most important work will be to establish means of conserving and managing the tuna stocks of the Western and Central Pacific. This is especially now that the Scientific Committee of the Commission has recommended a reduction in the catch of yellowfin and bigeye by 10% and 25%, respectively.

There is strong opposition to any reduction in fishing effort by some of the parties to the Convention. Tri Marine favors reasonable measures to manage the fishery for long term sustainability. Click here to read Tri Marine's policy statement for the preservation of a sustainable tuna fishery in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean.

Joe Hamby, managing director of the Tri Marine International (Pte) Ltd., will attend the meetings as part of the delegation of the United States. Phil Roberts, director of Tri Marine operations, Adrian Wickham, general manager of National Fisheries Developments, and Nick Solomon, Tri Marine's representative in the Federated States of Micronesia will also attend.

Background on Tri Marine

Tri Marine is a tuna supply company with focus on supply of tuna and tuna products to the leading brands of tuna. It has offices in 14 countries and processing activities in plants located strategically around the world. Its tuna purse seiners operate in the Western Pacific and the Eastern Tropical Pacific. Tri Marine was formed in Singapore in 1972. Since then the company has grown to be one of the largest tuna supply companies in the world. Tri Marine is privately owned.