Tri Marine Returns To Seafood Expo North America After Nearly 20 Years

Global tuna company will showcase proprietary premium frozen tuna, wetfish and finished goods products, new sustainability investments

BELLEVUE, Wash (March 5, 2015) After nearly 20 years, Tri Marine and its U.S. supplier arm, The Tuna Store, has returned to Seafood Expo North America, the largest seafood trade event in North America. Tri Marine will share the latest developments at the company, including the opening of a state-of-the-art processing facility in American Samoa, the launch of innovative products serving an array of markets and a series of investments in sustainable fisheries.

“Tri Marine’s return to Seafood Expo North America coincides with remarkable developments at our company,” said Renato Curto, Tri Marine’s CEO and chairman. “I’m very proud that we’re able to showcase our company’s innovative products and initiatives at this world-class event.”

After inaugurating Samoa Tuna Processors, a new $70 million facility with the capacity to process a million cans of tuna per day, Tri Marine and The Tuna Store are introducing a new premium Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) yellowfin tuna product at Seafood Expo that is unlike anything on the market today.

The new ULT tuna is caught both by long-line vessels in the Solomon Islands and by hand line in small fisheries in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

The long-line tuna is immediately frozen on the vessel and stored at minus 76 degrees Fahrenheit. The hand-line tuna is caught one fish at a time on small fishing boats by local fishers who then bring their catch back to the Port of Bitung where it is immediately graded. The best sashimi-grade tuna is selected, processed and frozen as ULT loins.

Tri Marine’s proprietary ULT process of freezing and defrosting was developed after 10 years of research. The process reproduces the traditional Japanese method for thawing sashimi tuna on a commercial scale. The result is an artisan-quality product with important health benefits. Freezing tuna at ultra low temperatures suspends bacterial actions, kills parasites and drastically reduces the risk of histamine. Tri Marine thawing technology ensures the freshest-tasting tuna by preserving its natural color and texture without the use of any chemical preservatives or enhancers.

“This ULT yellowfin tuna is the most beautiful fish,” said Antonio Orsini, director of Tri Marine’s fresh and frozen products division. “It is responsibly caught and processed so that the consumer will enjoy a product of exceptional flavor and freshness.  Our vertically integrated supply chain and multiple inspection intervals allow us to maintain the most consistent quality standard in the industry.”

The ULT yellowfin tuna is the latest addition to Tri Marine’s array of high-quality products. Tri Marine has also made significant investments in its wetfish and finished-goods products, including both private label and branded cans and pouches. Tri Marine’s The Tuna Store brand, Ocean Naturals, offers a canned product that allows consumers to trace the origin of the fish, underscoring Tri Marine’s commitment to sustainability and transparency.

Tri Marine’s leadership in sustainability has been an area of focus for the company recently. Early this year, the company entered into Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) full assessment of Western and Central Pacific skipjack and yellowfin tuna following a comprehensive overhaul of its sustainability policy. The company also continues to be invested in research to improve bycatch mitigation. This includes a partnership with the Solomon Islands Ministry for Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR), the Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) on an electronic monitoring project to improve management and reduce the need for on-board observers. Preliminary results from those efforts, released in August 2014, were promising and further progress is expected over the course of 2015.

Tri Marine’s approach to sustainability includes both environmental considerations and community investments. The new ULT tuna, for example, will provide unprecedented market access to local fishing communities, giving an economic boost to their economies while sustaining their cultural heritage.” 

“Fishing has been vital to the traditional livelihoods of the communities where Tri Marine operates,” said Matt Owens, Tri Marine’s director of environmental policy and social responsibility. “We are developing new approaches to ensure that these fisheries are sustained for future generations. Tri Marine is committed to setting the highest standards in fisheries management.”

Additional information about Tri Marine’s most recent products and sustainability initiatives can be found in a detailed FAQ sheet linked HERE.


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