Tri Marine Singapore Hosts 3rd Annual Trader's Conference

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 11, 2005

SINGAPORE - Tri Marine held its annual Trader's Conference at the Shangri La Hotel in Singapore during the week of November 14th. 24 managers attended from Italy, USA, Panama, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, Solomons, Taiwan and Thailand.

Besides the usual planning presentations and budgeting discussions, this year's conference included an important 3 day workshop on preferential trade in tuna, with emphasis on EU duty preferences, conducted by Chris Burns of Ernst & Young U.K.

Tri Marine supplies tuna products to the EU market from ACP countries. These products can enter the EU exempt from the statutory 24% if they satisfy the rules of origin defined by the EU African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Partnership Agreement. Two such ACP countries with plants that supply exclusively to Tri Marine are Solomon Islands and Kenya.

Tri Marine also supplies tuna products to the EU market from Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, which are GSP beneficiary countries. GSP countries enjoy duty preference in the EU market.

The workshop focused on origin compliance and documentation. Mr. Burns, a former UK Customs & Excise officer. He specializes in EU Customs & Trade matters, especially for fishing industry clientele.